Poly-Tuff Systems International

Poly-Tuff Systems International (PSI) develops and markets fluid applied elastomeric coatings systems for waterproofing, architectural decking and flooring surfaces.

A global supplier of Water Curable PolyurethaneTM technology, Poly-Tuff Systems International is the “go to source” for Solvent-Free, TDI free, Environment friendly systems. Our unparalleled technical support and product offerings provide excellent solutions to even the most demanding conditions.

Solvent-Free P-TuffTM coatings are superior selections for pedestrian decks, walkways and industrial surfaces. Based on cutting edge water curable polyurethane technology, E-TuffTM series offers rapid cure and enable installation in harsh climate conditions.

Poly-Tuff products are developed to support architectural imaginations with long lasting solutions. Our wide array of topcoats includes 100% and 72% Polyaspartic which can provide excellent color retention and long lasting durability