GC Quality Construction, LLC offers excellent service in commercial construction to help you make your next venture a success.

Quality compared to none.

Project Management

Interior design planning & project management.* Thorough analysis of existing premises, which consists of client consultation and site measurements. *Evaluation of the space, including proposed plans, elevations, material specifications, etc.
* Supervision of renovation crews, which includes scheduling, regular site inspection, and sign-off; acting as the liaison between client and contractor. “Plan and manage correctly, quality reached. Allow us to make your project a quality reality!

Commercial Construction

GC Quality Construction, LLC has developed a close bond with some of the biggest vendors in the construction industry. This tight relationship allows us to provide the highest level of quality at the optimal cost. Anything from standard materials to industrial coatings–you name it! See our vendors page for more information. * Building Renovations * Commercial Office * Remodeling * Custom Medical Offices * Data Centers * Distribution Centers * Warehouses Flex Tech Buildings * Interior / Exterior Office Build-Outs * Manufacturing * Facilities Refinery Renovations * Retail / Tennant Expansions & Renovations. 

Small Project Management

We eliminate the need for frequently unreliable subcontractors. Through a close relationship between design staff and tradesmen, the client is assured of efficient, professional project completion. “Even the smallest project deserves our quality touch. Allow us to make your project a quality reality! “

Specialized areas of expertise and services including:

Site Analysis Services

Space Evaluation
Elevation Assessments
Material Specifications
Client Consultation

Program Management

Project Management
Construction Management
Building Maintenance

Multi Level Building Management

Risk Management
Costs Controls
Scope Limitations
Safety Initiatives.

Client / Contractor Liason

Identify Project Priorities
Consult with the Onsite Project Manager
Explain in Layman terms to onsite employees safety procedure adherence

Design Build

Houston business owners know that professional contractors with experience in commercial renovations will best understand their unique needs–regardless of whether the project demands interior or exterior structural modifications, or just cosmetic changes.

Pre-Constructing Consulting

GC Quality Pre-Consulting Construction is the first phase of the overall planning, management, and control of a construction job. Pre-construction objectives are to secure the planning of the project and give the client a clear picture of what their job is going to look like, how it is going to get done, and when every aspect of the job will be completed.

"Amazing Designs and Quality Work!"

The client is assured of efficient, professional project completion through a close relationship between design staff and tradesmen.
Roland Garza
CEO/Owner, GC Quality.